My First App Design: How I Overcame the Fear of the 'Blank Screen Syndrome.

The Moment Has Arrived. After nearly half a year of intense learning, I’ve wrapped up the UX-UI designer course at CoderHouse, and I’m thrilled to announce the birth of my very first app...

May 5, 2023

Hello, I'm Fernando, and I'm about to take you on a journey through my UX/UI design experience. Buckle up because after six months of intensive learning, I've completed the UX-UI designer course at CoderHouse, and I'm excited to introduce you to my very first app.

Navigating Life's Whirlwind

Let's start with some honesty—I had my doubts at the beginning. It wasn't because I lacked prior knowledge of UX-UI design; it was the whirlwind of life that had me wondering. Balancing a full-time job, household chores, and late-night online classes starting at 12:30 am was nothing short of exhausting. There were moments when I considered throwing in the towel, but the unwavering support of my family and friends kept me going.

Discovering Hidden Talents

My previous stint in the retail sector, where I managed and assisted in various capacities, unknowingly armed me with skills that proved incredibly useful in UX/UI design. Skills like clear communication, active listening, proactivity, team motivation, and nimble problem-solving, honed during my retail days, made the journey of crafting CONTEA surprisingly smooth.

Personal Inspiration and Design Impact

The turning point of my journey came from a deeply personal experience—my eldest son's genetic condition. This inspired me to create an app that caters to families seeking engaging play routines to foster their children's neuropsychological development while nurturing social skills and autonomy. Along the way, I implemented various UX/UI design techniques and encountered challenges, such as the need for more extensive interviews.

CONTEA's Ongoing Odyssey

As we wrap up, it's important to note that CONTEA isn't just a finished project; it's a work in progress. I share my plans for iterative enhancements and invite you to explore the app through a prototype link. Additionally, I encourage you to visit my portfolio, where I'm passionately working on other projects, and I stress the value of your feedback and insights in my continuous learning and growth.

So, hop on board and join me in this captivating journey of self-discovery, personal inspiration, and the pursuit of knowledge and improvement in the world of UX/UI design.

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